BABOR is the pioneer in the professional skincare and they’ve set the standard in skin care research made in Germany, and with professional expertise, they deliver maximum individual results in their products. BABOR is a recognized scientific authority for innovative skincare and beauty maintenance. They are renowned worldwide for the excellence for their products and treatments.


The idea was to use Social Media to educate people about skincare and place BABOR at the top of the minds of their consumers. We educate consumers on how to take better care of their skin and what products to use depending on the consumers skin type and directing them to the correct spas. We create engaging content to draw attention to the Facebook page and create a conversation and help the consumers with their daily skincare needs.


Page Likes

Between the period of January 2017 and January 2018, the fans have increased by 76,0% (19,005 fans)

Page Awareness

The impressions on the page has increased by 51,8% with the total impressions of 1,095,418

Page Engagement

Engagements have increased by 188,4%