After a small structural malfunction and it’s existing unexciting appearance , Bryanston Shopping Centre brought upon the Brand Cartel to transform their Tower an icon.
The once “bland” Tower acted solely as a Cellphone tower, and since the centre was already undergoing a new look transformation, this was the perfect opportunity to refurbish it into a highly recognisable structure in the Bryanston community.


The Tower consisted of four panels, positioned in a prime location, on top of a long iconic pillar.
The Brand Cartel team turned the uninspiring Tower into an advertisers dream by not only branding the shaft of the tower with the new Bryanston Shopping Centre logo, but remodeled the four panels into illuminated advertising space.
The Tower was designed to have replaceable artwork, but to begin with, the artwork was designed to flaunt the unique offerings of Bryanston Shopping Centre.


The Tower has been well received by the Bryanston community and has succeeded in making Bryanston Shopping Centre recognisably visible from most surrounding areas. The structure has become an emblem of the community and is often used as a distinguisher between other centres in the area.

Bryanston Towner