Traditionally speaking, advertising for a vacuum cleaner kind of sucks. It’s an appliance that most people have in their homes and that’s it. We aimed to change people’s perception on what Hoover is and how it was more than just a vacuum cleaner brand.


The idea was to use Social Media to build a brand personality and place Hoover at the top of the minds of their consumers. We used humour and engaging content to draw attention to the newly created Facebook page.
We used games and competitions to attract a fan base and keep them there with puns and clever communication.


Page Likes

In just over one year, the page has grown to 13,825 fans and still growing.

Page Awareness

As the page has grown, the awareness for the page has performed incredibly well with over 1000,000 impressions and roughly 1300 impressions daily.

Page Engagement

The first Boosted post reached 182 people with an engagement rate of 5%. After a year of postings, the average post reaches 5,561 people.