Mike’s Kitchen, a family restaurant franchise in South Africa, called upon the Brand Cartel to reform their classic brand identity into a modern and stand-out brand within the ever evolving South African food industry. With that, Mike’s requzired a new, cutting edge and user friendly website as a means to showcase their new branding and increase the desire for consumers to choose Mike’s Kitchen over any other family restaurant destination.


The site was built in line with best user experience (UX) practices, making sure that anyone using the site can easily find what they are looking for with the least number of clicks possible. The user journey is strategic, every page is used to convince the website visitor to choose Mike’s with calls-to-action, pushing them to “Make a Reservation” directly with their local Mike’s Kitchen on almost every page.

The website was designed to communicate Mike’s Kitchen’s unique selling points; which encompasses great food and great times for the whole family. The site uses every opportunity to communicate these selling points with enticing food and lifestyle shots, while still keeping the experience uncluttered and user friendly.

The Brand Cartel exploited cutting edge functionality, meaning that the Mike’s Kitchen menu is not only built on top of a backdrop of mouth watering Mike’s food shots, but it is also interactive.


The website has been sensationally well received by the public, as well as the Mike’s Kitchen franchisees. Since its launch in November 2017, within a 2 month period, over 200 reservations have been made through the site, boasting an incredible 7.8% conversion rate.