3 difficulties of WFH and not seeing your colleagues

Working from home may have its perks, like staying in your pyjamas and eating whatever you like. But there are some negative effects to look out for and work around in order to keep yourself productive and happy.


Here are the 3 main difficulties which may arise due to working from home:


  • Less mental breaks

Not being able to see your colleagues over coffee in the kitchen or a smoke outside can have more of an effect than you realise. Those small social interactions serve as mental breaks and without them, you may find yourself feeling more drained and fatigued than usual.


Make an effort to have a quick chat about things non-work related before your video call meetings commence.


  • Miscommunication

Emails and text messages don’t show tone or body language, making miscommunication difficult to avoid. 


If you have any issue or problem to sort out, make sure you do it on video call to keep things from getting hostile for no reason.


  • Lack of motivation

Not having a fun weekend or after-work drinks to look forward to can really impact your motivation to work.


Make an effort to plan nice at-home dinners or Zoom pub quizzes to motivate you through work.