3 Quick tips to market to Generation Z

Forget millennials – staring 40 hard in the face. Gen Z has the spending power now! How do brands market to this coming-of-age generation? Here are 3 vital strategies to get their attention. 


They were born with devices in their chubby little hands, into a time where there never wasn’t Google. Their worldview is a first of its kind. They’re tech-savvy digital natives with serious buying power, which can make marketing to Gen Z challenging. But, if your brand can get their attention by being socially conscious,  teaming up with the right influencers and celebrities, and with transparency, you’re on to a winning formula. 


  1. Tell a story with influencers
    One-off collaborations are old news. Meaningful, long-term relationships with influencers, celebs and content creators is in. These key players need to represent Gen Z’s values: transparency, equality, and sustainability. Key takeaway? The influencers and celebs you collaborate with must be a diverse, interesting variety who align with your brand’s corporate values and mission. 
  2. Social consciousness: It’s for brands, it’s good for the planet 
    Gen Z cares more about the planet than any other generation. They’re super plugged-in, and so also know how to filter out marketing noise. Get aligned with an authentic value system and greater purpose, and you’ve got this socially conscious cohort hooked. Get your message out there through social channels Gen Z spends time on – YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok. 
  3. Get social and get attention
    Gen Z documents and shares almost everything on social platforms, so this is where your brand primarily needs to live. So, be on top of major digital trends, keep your social media strategy up to date, and position your brand as an active part of your community. Brands must become influencers and market authorities in their fields. 


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