3 reasons why influencer marketing is key during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt massive, if not fatal, blows to many industries and businesses. Despite budget cuts, your digital marketing is essential to keeping your business top-of-mind and accessible to the public in lockdown.

If the digital wasn’t vital before, it certainly is now. The Brand Cartel suggests influencer marketing as the smartest move in current circumstances. Here’s why:

Everyone’s online now

Lockdown has impacted the public’s movement. Naturally, being at home for so long makes the internet most people’s best escape. Now is a good time to show your brand online.

You can save time and resources

Influencer marketing thrives on influencer-created content. Your influencers will make the content for you, in the right style and tone for their audience. This will save you man power and time.

Influencers are aspirational - and they’re company

Humans are social beings; we strive for connection. Isolation has impacted this, making online personalities and their fandoms great sources of community.

The Brand Cartel has expert experience in running influencer-driven campaigns. For a quality campaign that’s sure to boost your brand during lockdown, contact The Brand Cartel.