3 questions to ask yourself in terms of how your brand should be adapting

The new normal has settled in and is here to stay – social distancing, face masks and ultimately, staying at home. So how do you know where to start in terms of adapting your brand?

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

Can you offer your services digitally?

First things first; if you can convert your offering, or part of it, to online, do it! Whether it’s eCommerce or virtual experiences, if you can sell your service online it will allow you to bring in income during lockdown.

Who can you collaborate with?

If you cannot convert to the digital, look around at other brands to see who you could collaborate with to merge your offerings.

Can you offer vouchers for future use to bring in temporary income?

Finally, consider selling vouchers for future use, such as a meal voucher to be redeemed upon opening. Add a bonus percentage to incentivize your customers.

If your brand has been hit by the pandemic and needs new marketing strategies to increase sales, get in touch with the Brand Cartel.