3 secrets to maintaining footfall in a shopping centre during construction.

How to keep a shopping centre convenient during a time of inconvenience.

When a corporate convenience shopping centre underwent a major overhaul, they enlisted the Brand Cartel’s help to soften the blow. In order to make sure they made it out of the rubble without their footfall decreasing too drastically due to the dust, a nimble strategy of wit and empathy was required.

Applying our extensive insight and savvy skills, Brand Cartel curated a sassy campaign to empathise with patrons and build anticipation for the shopping centre’s makeover. The campaign can be summarised into 3 mandatory checks:

We showed customers empathy for the inconvenience. The shopping centre outwardly agreed that construction is noisy and debilitating, with print media explaining that “beauty is pain, but beauty is worth it”. Nothing will infuriate a customer more than management ignoring a problem.

We used humour to brighten the situation and lessen the negative energy. In our print media, we put our own twist on well-known phrases, such as “Love me for my inner beauty… for now”. Humour put the crowds at ease and helped them see the bright side of the situation - that a new shopping centre is coming.

We built anticipation to distract from the inconvenience of transition. Our media reminded audiences that the construction is going to lead to something better. “It’s time for a facelift” hinted at something exciting and polished to come.

This killer combination of tactics is the ultimate guide to keeping an audience agreeable during a time of inconvenience. We substantially softened the blow for the corporate shopping centre, with their drop in footfall being much less dramatic than other shopping centres in the same situation. Overall, consumer feedback was positive – definitely a win when it comes to dealing with noise, dust and rubble.

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