3 things brands should do to reduce anxiety in the new normal

What the reopening of the country means for brands


After being inside for so long, the idea of finally going out – to the shops, to family, to school, to work – can bring with it a sense of anxiety for many people. 


Although it’s important to continue taking the coronavirus seriously and to practice the right protocols, there are things that brandscan do to lower anxiety levels.


1. Continue to avoid large gatherings 

If your brand usually relies on in-store activations, media events and public gatherings, it’s best to find alternatives for the year to come. Even when small events are allowed, your guest list may dwindle as people are still nervous about being around


2. Regulate social distancing and face masks in store

Keep your customers feeling safe and comfortable by continuing to enforce proper social distancing and face masks.


3. Provide aerosol sanitizer

Provide your customers with sanitizer when they enter and exit and keep it stationed around your store or office. Seeing sanitizer around can help assure your customers that the risk of infection has been significantly lowered and taken seriously.


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