4 digital marketing secrets every social media agency should know for your brand

With online marketing more prominent than ever, it is paramount that your brand properly and effectively utilises social media marketing. Here are some key rules for a social media agency in South Africa to follow:


  • 80 / 20 rule

20% of your posts can be hard sell, and the rest should focus on engagement. A page with too much sales content will eventually lose followers.


  • Video marketing

The internet and social media is quick. Videos are the best way to catch attention and send a message fast.


  • CTA

Finish off your posts and blogs with a Call to Action. This is the final push to send your reader to your contact or shopping page.


  • Offer incentive

A great way to boost engagement and extend your reach is to offer small incentives in exchange for a like or share. These can be weekly or monthly competitions.


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