4 reasons why your brand should use Chatbots 

The benefits of Chatbots and why they may the future of brand-consumer engagement online

A Chatbot is a virtual assistant; a community manager who is, infact, a robot. Usually, they’re the ones responding to you when you DM a company or use the chat function on a web page. Rising in popularity, Chatbots may be key to building future businesses online.

Here are 4 reasons why Chatbots can be so useful:

They’re interactive. When a consumer visits a website or social media page, using a chatbot requires in depth engagement from them.

They simplify website navigation. Instead of searching a site for an answer, consumers (especially those who are not so technologically adept) can simply ask their question directly (or, follow the prompts).

They’re cost-effective. Once set up, they save a company from paying for a community manager. Alternatively, the community manager is saved a lot of time.

They connect with older audiences. Using a chatbot better resembles a real life conversation with a store employee, greatly assisting consumers who aren’t familiar with technology.

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