8 things you need to do to promote your brand on Instagram

Looking for clever ways to use Instagram to market your business online? As a leading South African PR agency, we’ve discovered the best ways to use Instagram to your brand’s advantage:

  • Include an interesting bio that hooks followers and boosts traffic. 
  • Promote your products with creative, professional photos, and that capture your brand culture. 
  • Offer promotions. This is a really good idea for how social media marketing can drive sales. 
  • Share your followers tagged photos on your own profile. 
  • Respond to notifications and shout out to followers. 
  • Create a campaign around an actionable hashtag. Hashtags become memorable as they translate to other social media platforms and are vital for social media marketing. 
  • Make your advertising feel natural to users. Native-looking ads are most successful on Instagram.
  • Cool it on the posting. Time your posts well, because a big no-no is overposting. You want to peak the interest of your target audience, not make them wish you’d go away.


According to Instagram, 60% of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 20% of users visit a business profile every day. If most people are using Instagram, your business should be too. 


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