Brand Awareness and Social Responsibility


There is a fine line between sharing your brand’s beliefs/vision with your consumer base and being a sellout. I.e. if you don’t morally believe in the products you’re selling or the services you’re providing but push messaging out as if you do, it’s usually only a matter of time until the disingenuous disguise falls away and reveals a shallow core all about making a buck.


Understanding this point allows for your brand to take into account the responsibility you have toward potential consumers within your social media marketing communications. However, there is another big factor that’s a bit more tricky to consider when dealing with brand awareness, specifically, how you align your brand to external trends.


The connections your brand makes on social media form an integral part of what consumers perceive your brand to be about and what your intentions may be. There is a range of subtle cues that inform a consumer of a brand’s views and beliefs. Whether these cues are something as simple as colour usage or the imagery and messaging itself or who you follow and what you reshare or support.


Nowadays it’s easier than ever to jump on board with a social media campaign that you may agree with today but not necessarily tomorrow. It’s important to be strategically selective with what you align yourself with, because after all you are your biggest brand, and what happens on the internet stays on the internet. Do yourself and your brand a favour and do your research before drawing up your next campaign/CSI/sponsorship plans. (See FYRE debacle of 2018 for a prime example.)