Before you start your email marketing campaign, read this

As a PR company in Johannesburg, we know that email marketing is a great tool when used correctly. Keep our tips in mind for email marketing that works. Here’s 4 tips that will help you.


  1. Avoid these words, as they alert spam filters: free, sale, and cash
  2. Don’t use an unbranded email address. Eg: a gmail address or any other third party email provider.
  3. Always add the option to unsubscribe from your newsletter. 
  4. Set goals or better yet… objectives for your email campaigns. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how you plan on doing it. Eg: if you want to make more sales during a specific month, figure out what your end-consumers are interested in. Perhaps over Christmas, you’ll offer a Christmas gift with purchase?

Now you will attract new subscribers, increase engagement and boost traffic just like an expert digital agency!


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