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Is your Instagram Flatlay a #Hit or #Miss?


Our Instagram feeds are one of the most important representations of who we are, let’s not deny it. Creating the perfect Instagram post without making it look like you’re ‘trying too hard’ is a lot easier than being a professional photographer, and yes, we consulted ours.

Flatlays are in; simply search #flatlay on Instagram to witness the sheer aspirational beauty. From big brands, influencers and even the soccer mom down the road, we all want to create the perfect flatlay to show off our fab ‘InstaLives’ to all our followers. But how do we create one that actually works? Worry not, for we have the means to your Insta-ends!

We asked our very talented, in-house social media team about how to craft the perfect thumb-stopping flatlays that they make for all our clients and what the average person needs to do to ensure that they can keep up with the trend.

Here are some tips on creating the perfect flatlay:

1. Make sure the objects of the flatlay are clean and relevant.
2. Have the perfect background. Texture is always a great, but never anything too busy and distracting.
3. Lighting, lighting, lighting! Never use a flash for a flat lay, natural light is always best.
4. Angles and cropping. Always take the image directly above objects and crop the image into the most important element and detail.
5. Have rich colours and contrast.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Try out these simple tips from our team with your next flatlay; upload it to your Instagram and use #BrandCartelFlatlay, Maybe you’ll get a special shout-out on our page…