Bridging the gap between PR and social media

The future is digital; the future is social. With social media being the key to current marketing, Brand Cartel has noticed the growing trend of influencer marketing and how more and more, it overlaps with typical PR activities.

Seizing the opportunity to not just keep up with the times, but get ahead of them, Brand Cartel is merging its PR and social offerings, providing the ultimate turnkey solution.

Here are 3 steps to merging PR with social media:

Social curators, from influencers to celebs, are guided to create content.

This content is created for their social pages (off page SEO) and the brand’s social and web pages (on page SEO).

Traffic is funnelled from the influencers’ pages to the brand’s pages.

As a turnkey marketing solution, the merging of social and PR cuts out all the unnecessary bull. Content is automatically relevant, in tone and has the right look and feel for the platform. Why? Because that platform’s creator made the content themselves! Influencer-made content garners authentic engagement from the right target market, whose loyalty will undoubtedly expand from the influencer to the brand.

If your brand is interested in forward thinking marketing that works smart and hard, it’s time to grab a virtual coffee with the Brand Cartel and have a chat about moving your brand forwards.