Creative Visual Design

In the world of marketing & branding all your business needs is good design. In a progressive competitive business landscape, design has become the new warzone and the prosperity of your business is determined by that. Creating killer brands is exactly what we do and it all starts with our design.


From the famous words of Steve Jobs, he described design as “the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” Therefore, design is the character of the things you make or do, like your business for instance. So it’s the personality of your business that can attract and retain customers.

With the advancement of technology, people are looking at our brands to grow with it. Nowadays we can observe the impact that the digital age made on our communication, how we work and most importantly how we socialize. So, graphic design is not exempt to this change. Technology has played a big part in the creation of digital work accessible in many platforms; things such as presentations, signage, websites, logos etc. have come a long way since the birth of the digital revolution. The influence of creative visual design lies in its ability to communicate the intention of a brand in a way that translates a positive emotional response. It’s not sufficient for a business to do what they promise, they should also win the consumers’ hearts and minds and that’s how you get their loyalty at the same time. Achieving that power requires more than leasing an agency, it relies on building a design-focused business.

That’s where we come in, the Brand Cartel’s Creative Visual Design services have a unique approach to our design briefs. We’re always on trend by sourcing inspiration on sites such as Pinterest, Gaming, Behance and on Social Media. Staying strategic and on-trend, we put weird and wonderful twists in the work we produce. We play with our work and put our name to ever pieces of artwork we create which encompasses some of our core values.
When it comes to briefs we do not simply settle for bullet point submissions or two dimensional strategies and out looks. We do not simply think of another company as brick and mortar but instead, we know there are people here, there is personality, soul and purpose here. We are not a sausage machine and our clients are certainly not just another pieces of meat to be pushed through the grinder. We find out, research and sometimes even stalk our clients; (not in any creepy way), to accumulate as much client information and competitor information as possible, so we can put the best marketing, branding and design solutions together for our clients.

Briefs come in all shapes and sizes – some good, some bad, some comprehensive and some insubstantial. How we interpret, translate, expand on and refine the brief is the most important factor in crafting successful graphic design. Failure is guaranteed if we don’t follow it according to the client’s needs and wants. We’ve learnt to question and challenge a brief which gives us a chance of producing work that has conceptual depth and do its job with kick-ass originality carrying The Brand Cartel name and reputation proudly stamped on it.

Our creative visual design includes the following;

All print design including:

Magazine adverts; Newspaper adverts; Billboards; Street poles; Articles; Flyers; Hoardings; Retail in-store elements; Corporate Documentation; Vinyls; Etc…


All digital design including:

Websites, All Social Media Platforms, Email Banners and Signatures, Newsletters, Press Releases, Blogs, Google Banners Etc…


Our creative design process includes the following;

The Conceptual team comes up with the following:

  • Creative team brainstorm
  • Brand strategy implementation
  • Brand positioning considerations
  • Copy concepts skeletons

From there we decide on the layouts based on application;

  • Graphic design
  • Etching
  • Typography positioning
  • Re-colouring
  • Fading
  • Blending
  • Etc…

And if needed we do image sourcing:

  • Curation of visuals from a third party supplier
  • CI consideration for photographic style
  • Etc…

Technology and creativity are forever evolving and advancing, so graphic design needs to do the same. The advancement of content marketing & good design will continue to have an effect on the businesses’ bottom-line revenue. Creative Visual Design will be mandatory for artistic, economic, marketing and architectural expression and will carry on evolving as a result in advances in technology and online mediums, you need to be with an agency that stays on the ball with trends in the future of design.