Curated content vs created content | What’s the difference and Why Does it Matter?

These two phrases couldn’t sound more similar, but they have very different meanings. What’s the difference between curated content and created content? Also, how can you use either just like a South African-based public relations agency; because local does matter. 


  • Many Johannesburg-based PR companies source the best pieces of content on the web to be organised, shared and published by a brand. This is calle Curated Content and does not have to be original material your brand has created; it could be any content that has already been written by outside sources. Your brand puts its own spin on what already exists; however, changing up the flavour – but the message remains the same.
  • The top up-and-coming marketing agencies in South Africa know that created content is any form of original content that’s created by your brand, for your brand. It lives on your website and social media platforms, website, blog, and YouTube channel. Created content is about starting your content from scratch and sharing it with your audience.


Consumers are looking for original content; they’re inundated with it but crave it all the more. Both content strategies are good and sometimes a mix of the two works well. But our vote for the king of content is original AKA created content. Why? Because it enables a brand to showcase its true identity and messaging in a way that only it can. #StockPhotographyMustFall


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