Cruising has been seen as a ‘boring’ or ‘old person’ way of traveling, but we at The Brand Cartel completely disagree. Cruises International offers every choice under the sun, and on the open ocean, in terms of entertainment, luxury, pampering, activities and more that your imagination can think of.

Whether it’s a luxury cruise you are yearning for or a fun family getaway; Cruises International has the package for you. We have 3 reasons why we do #ChooseToCruise so listen up, you might be surprised.

Visit a number of incredible destinations without having to make any arrangements yourself. Once you step aboard a cruise ship, you only have two responsibilities; relax and have a good time. The ship carries you to top locations in a number of countries where you can explore by yourself or take a guided tour.

A good example is this cruise from Royal Caribbean where you will visit Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Thailand in 4 star luxury with all your transport and accommodation sorted for only

R6 915.00 Your time on the ship is a destination unto itself.

Whether you’re a foodie or you’re into music; if you’re single and ready to mingle or have a family, cruising has options for you. The list of all the onboard activities available is pretty much endless. Suffice it to say there is everything from 5 Star restaurants to water parks onboard, if you can imagine it, you will probably find it on one of the 9 cruise liners represented byCruises International.Value for money.

When you start adding up connecting flights to over 5 destinations, taxi fares, 4 – 5 Star accommodation every night, theatre tickets, tours, food and everything else it really becomes obvious that cruising is probably the best value for money option for an international holiday around.

To find out more about international cruise offerings available to South Africans, the best place to start is Cruises International’s website: