How Coronavirus is affecting brand strategy, and how brands should adapt

3 ways in which Covid 19 is affecting marketing strategy.

Covid-19 is impacting almost every aspect of peoples’ lives, including how they run their businesses. Marketing strategies have had to go almost entirely online as social distancing is not only encouraged, but put into law.

But even digital marketing is not safe from the waves of change which coronavirus has brought about. Here are 3 ways in which marketing strategy has been affected, and how brands need to adapt.

There’s been a huge shift towards e-commerce and an end to physical events.
Social distancing policies have affected consumer mobility, cancelling physical activations. Products and services need to be marketed wholly online. We recommend using influencer marketing strategy to maintain authenticity online.

Social media policies are limiting the advertising potential of hygiene products.
Facebook has been implementing a string of new policies to prevent the promotion of content that ‘exploits the current pandemic’. Digital marketing for any hygiene product will be hindered by such policies, meaning companies will need to find different avenues to promote essential products.

There’s been a dramatic change in consumers’ media consumption habits.
Being stuck at home means that entertainment and social interaction is limited, and so many people are naturally spending more and more time online. After all, germs can’t yet be spread via WiFi. Brands should take advantage of this, recognising that there is a greater online presence of consumers than ever before.

In order to move forward, brand-building strategies must be kept thriving. When the pandemic is over, consumers will flock to the brands they know and trust. Content must be authentic, reliable and show-stopping. For a marketing strategy that seamlessly adapts to the changing, Brand Cartel has the answers.