How social distancing affects brands and what a digital marketing agency can do

Social distancing is the new normal for South Africa and the world. Here are the ways in which social distancing affects all brands:


Going online: eCommerce has already been getting popular. Now, every brand needs to adapt to the online in order to survive. Buying online eliminates the risk of person-to-person contact. A digital marketing agency can help get your brand selling online.


Restructuring events: Large, in-person events will be restructured to place people in marked off squares, spreading the crowd out and ultimately limiting the number of customers and guests.


Civic responsibility: Brands must promote (and enforce) social distancing, for the sake of the community as well as to keep their audience healthy and paying. This includes floors stickers in shops and maximum capacity rules.


Content: Brands should post content which reflects the new normal and social distancing, to help normalise the practice and show support for it. Images of the rband, the store, the event must all promote social distancing.


The Brand Cartel is a digital marketing agency that can seamlessly adapt your brand to the new normal. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.