5 crucial steps for crisis communication within social media digital marketing

The emergency services of digital social media marketing must follow strict rules in order to best handle angry and tragic situations. When tragedy struck a destination shopping centre, the Brand Cartel assisted in respectfully and efficiently handling the situation.

We stuck to a steadfast regiment for dealing with serious issues, following these 4 crucial steps:

We HALTED all marketing and campaigns

This shows respect for the situation and avoids ongoing digital media potentially offending or upsetting those affected.

We made sure to UNDERSTAND what happened

The only way to move forward in addressing the issue is to fully understand it and avoid pouring gas on the fire.

Our community management became AVAILABLE 24/7 on social media

Personally responding to DMs with an individualised set statement will help control the situation as the public will see that something is being done.

We formulated a PRESS RELEASE with a SOLUTION

As well as addressing the situation, this needs to include how it is being handled. The press release was circulated amongst the media.

Once handled, we issued a CONCLUDING STATEMENT

The media and public need to know that issue has been handled and precautions have been put in place to prevent it from happening again.

Social media digital marketing is more than just generating brand awareness; it is taking on the role as the spokesperson of the brand to its largest audience – its online audience.

Brand Cartel is here to expertly navigate the media world for you and your brand. If you need help with representing your brand online, especially in the wake of difficult circumstances, come and chat with us.