Despite how highly Brand Cartel holds the value of authenticity, the very nature of advertising and marketing is smoke and mirrors. It’s all about pulling off the appearance of effortless perfection – like the carefree tan that you slaved for day after day in the midday heat (“Oh, I must’ve caught the sun the other her day…”) or the offhand candid that took an emergency makeup and lighting team, two grappling hooks and some truly advanced gymnastics to capture (#CaughtMeBySurprise!).


So Biz Community’s #BehindTheSelfie look at our founding member and financial director, Dillon Warren is a refreshing reminder of the honesty that underlies all the illusions we work so hard to create. What better way to sneak a behind-the-scenes peek at the brilliantly esoteric world of advertising? Biz Community doesn’t beat around the bush with their backstage special on our fearless leader. With just a few well-aimed questions, even the closest-held truths start to tumble into the open. In a ruthless exposé, they reveal Warren’s shocking role as a willing accomplice in Managing Director Baxter’s tendency to nap on the job. The Boston Terrier himself, however, denies any and all accusations of such behaviour, despite the abundance of receipts. More to follow later on this scandal.

The main part of the article focuses on the Dillon’s day to day hustle as he lives out his values and passions – between client meetings, problem-solving and trying to raise his two dogs to be responsible citizens, he is something of a friendly whirlwind. It becomes clear that though his business is his baby, he has built in such a way that it complements and completes his criteria of the good life – Brand Cartel offers him good jokes, trustworthy people and even the occasional evening glass of wine (as I’m sure everyone lucky enough to have attended their most recent rooftop party is aware). It’s a far cry from 23 year old who started a social media agency at about the same time he first googled “how to do advertising”.


But as he rose through the tiers of the industry to become a marketing mogul, he picked up a few insights that only ever come from hands-on experience, learning to value of individual strengths and weaknesses of  every person. It should be noted that while he and his well-loved Macbook did not take the yellow brick road to the top, he did take his heart, his brain and every last drop of courage. When you’re staring down a learning curve that looks more like a cliff face, you might find that “half an interest” just won’t cut it. For your sake, however, the spoilers stop here. We’d hate to give it all away before you’ve even had the chance to read the article for yourself!



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