Entrepreneur Magazine Feature

Dillon Warren, Renate Albrecht and Marco Ferreira may not have dedicated the past six years of their lives to the Brand Cartel just to land a feature in the Entrepreneur magazine, but it does make an excellent Secret Santa present.

The Founding Three cut an imposing portrait on page 35 of the November 2018 issue, as the article headline boldly proffers a lifeline to the young entrepreneur. When looking for a way to survive your start-up years, who is better to ask than those who nearly didn’t? From the get go, the trio lay down the law of the jungle (“As old and as true as the sky”): Perseverance > Knowledge.

If you have a freshly bought “How to Advertise For Dummies” sitting next to you with a suspiciously uncracked spine and you’re feeling a little sheepish about it – don’t. You might end up on Page 35 of Entrepreneur’s November issue in five years time. And that’s the kicker – you’ve got to stick out those five years. It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD in marketing – you won’t get more than a meter if you don’t have the determination. And we’re talking serious, toddler-in-search-of-the-forbidden-biscuit-jar determination. Take it from the experts: in their rise to the top, Marco, Renata and Dillon may have had zero agency experience between them, but they saw the chance and they took it, following their passion through the dark alleys of R67 salaries and the minefields of learning how to hire employees.

They’ll be quick to tell you it wasn’t easy, but they’ll be first in line to tell you it was worth it. You can always pick up the details on the way. The majority of the article delves into how this tenacious tag-team made the transition from struggling to soaring and reveals that the largest factor was the manifestation of their values from abstract to tangible. By putting them down on paper, and shaping them into conversational phrases, the trio were able to better focus on what they wanted from the company, and as a result, they were able to work towards achieving it. It affected the people they hired, the way they worked and the work they delivered, but the most lasting effect has undoubtedly shown itself in the business they have nursed to life.

Their values have molded the Brand Cartel into the cohesive, collaborative workspace it is today and, in the end, it is because the original team refused to settle until they had created the space they envisioned all those years ago.

Here’s to the next milestone!