How we generated over R8 Million in online hype for Newtown Junction’s Sneaker Exchange.

The Sneaker Exchange at Newton Junction was an event for trading and buying novelty sneakers, celebrating urban street culture in a vibrant array of trends and colours. The Brand Cartel executed the slickest social media strategy to market the pop up experience to its primary audience, the youth.

We recruited up to two dozen influencers to build the hype around the Sneaker Exchange, creating an extensive online footprint for shoe retailers in Newtown Junction with a PR value of over R8 Million.

Millenials and Gen Z are characterised as being internet savvy, with social media shaping their daily lives. An ‘Influencer’ is the product of the democratic internet and its content-hungry audience; a micro-celebrity worshipped by the younger generation.

Influencer marketing engineers trust in a brand. This makes it a potent social media strategy in an era of fake news and misinformation online. Recognising the enormous potential of influencer marketing through social media, we utilised the strategy to reach Millenials and Gen Z for the Sneaker Exchange.

We understand our audience and know how to strategically market through social media. Get in touch with Brand Cartel to see for yourself the success of an influencer social media strategy.