Instagram marketing: Influencer Endorsements vs Celebrity Endorsements

The way forward in creating brand awareness is through influencer and celebrity endorsements.

  • The line is fine between the two. So, what’s the diff?
    All celebrities are influencers, but not all influencers are celebrities ‘Influencers’ is a more general term for a person who holds a measure of influence within a certain group or community. Celebrities are also considered influencers in their own niches. But, not all influencers can be considered celebrities. Celebrities are, well, celebrities, because they’re known by a lot of people. Celebrities already have more than a million followers on their Instagram profiles.


  • Celebrities are followed because of their talents and skills. Influencers are followed because of their expertise in a niche. A celebrity may have a massive following of adoring fans, but they’re also interested in different niches. Influencers have a more specific audience, who are interested in the niche that they’re promoting. Promoting niche-specific content to a celebrity’s fan base may not get your brand more engagement for your posts, than if you promote the content to an influencer’s follower base. The numbers don’t always speak for themselves here: Just because celebrities have more followers, doesn’t mean they’ll work better for your promotional campaign.Wondering how to set your marketing strategy in motion? Brand Cartel has premium celebrities and influencers to endorse your products, so get in touch with us today, and see your campaign soar!