Learn how your brand can build a loyal following on Facebook through powerful content

Local businesses need to develop content that builds proper public relations with their online community, and be seen as the expert in their field through value driven content. As an expert PR agency in South Africa, we know that your goal is a two-way conversation with your audience and great content is the starting point.


If you can create content that showcases your expertise and credibility, builds trust, and also gets people excited about your brand, you’ll be more likely to turn them into sales with paid advertising. 


3 tips to creating great content from a Johannesburg-based Public Relations Agency:

  • Show your audience who your brand is. Be specific to your product. Post quality content that makes an impact in the minds of your consumers that shows them how much they need your products. 
  • Take your content beyond your direct products and services. Think about content that could grow a new set of consumers. 
  • Use video content to keep your audience engaged. Video content is powerful and has been proven to keep audiences engaged. 


If you’re wondering what type of content to post,  Brand Cartel is here to help professionally navigate the media world for your brand’s online presence, so get in touch.