Marketing Consultancy

Initiating your own marketing campaign can cost a lot of money and be a lot more time-consuming than you’d expect, it can also be confusing. The questions that would come to mind would be, ‘Who are you targeting?’ and ‘Which marketing strategy do you go with?’ Marketing requires a lot of expertise so you can reap positive results.

This involves the expertise in strategies to engage the consumer and improve business opportunities by retaining existing customers and attracting new clients. By creating a well-developed and targeted campaign, a lucrative marketing strategy and plan will assist in achieving defined and measurable goals for your business. This is measured through careful and thorough analysis of the current circumstances and the status of the company, considering their position in the industry, measuring successes, challenges and available resources.

What is it that you want your marketing campaign to achieve? That’s your objective. You have to be as specific as possible. This is not just about sales but about branding, positioning, publicity, education, how many people you would like to reach, how much you would like to grow your digital platforms and what products or services you would like to focus on? You can think of specifications as the details of the marketing objective. Time is the most typical specification that needs to be included as marketing campaigns lose their effectiveness over time – the consumer gets bored. You’re not only forced to describe what your product or service is, but you must also have a clear understanding of what your competitors are offering and show the consumer how your product or service provides better value or solutions. So a typical marketing campaign objective formula is: what needs to be achieved, how long does the campaign need to run and how much it will cost in order to achieve this.

You also need to determine how you are measuring the success of the campaign. What metrics will you be using? How will you indicate if the marketing campaign has succeeded or not? The number of sales may not be a suitable metric if the marketing objective is to increase the awareness of your brand or to improve your business’ search engine page ranking. So remember to establish the starting point for whichever metric you’ve chosen; you’ll need it to measure your progress. We know that everyone is focused on ROI, we all want that magical “dollar, dollar yo”. Having said this, without proper education as to your brand, products or services no one will know that buying your product is, in fact, the best choice for them. The other side of this is understanding that we need to mix entertainment, humour and interesting thought leadership insights and articles in the mix as this gives a brand a personality, makes it relatable, and trustworthy. We know that hard selling and spamming the general public is, for lack of a better word, rude and intrusive.

Your business needs a marketing consulting agency for outside perspective. We come in to see things clearly without a level of bias. With a specialized skill set to offer, like PPC campaign optimization or even content marketing, we can assist in targeting a specific area without wasting time, money or resources. A great marketing consultant should have insight into what the consumer needs and be able to validate knowledge about consumer behaviour, communication and the marketing processes. They should be able to acutely analyze not only how your brand is positioned within the niche but also what will drive sales. What you should also look for is how the marketing consulting agency will implement ideas on how to expand your business while staying on budget and keeping good working relationships with existing management and staff.


Every business needs a unique marketing campaign that’s tailored to its business goals so you need to find a marketing agency that works for you. You need innovators and creative personalities who are not easily intimidated by trying different approaches to achieve your desired goals. Our marketing consulting services are a great combination of leadership and advisory while being able to be extremely analytical and creative at the same time. We always have the challenge of quickly assessing the internal and external elements affecting the client’s business with precision whether it’s ranging from customer satisfaction and standing out from the competitor, the trends in the market, technological advancements and environmental factors. We have to ensure that the business’ targets are met while determining short and long-term strategies to reach their marketing objectives while making sure the company’s mission statement doesn’t get lost in the process.

We have a talented and innovative creative team, we don’t use a cookie cutter campaign for every client, we tailor make it according to the brand and create something that will stick out from the competitor.

You need an agency with expertise that will be proficient in the type of marketing you’re looking to implement and how to communicate the right message to your consumer. The Brand Cartel are a team of experts at what we do in all our professions, we give guidance and our advice with the knowledge and information we’ve acquired over the years. We also do believe in having communication with our clients as that’s the key to a successful consulting relationship so we discuss marketing strategies with you ahead of time such as the benefits and weaknesses but at the end of the day, you’re the decision maker and we help you make the winning one.