13 Feb 2019

Media Buying 101

Your marketers have found that EUREKA idea and you watch as it flies into the burning hot studio and straight into the hands of your most capable creative geniuses. And as you watch their eyes burning with an excitement that only a creative engineer can comprehend, the question burns straight through you.


Does a downright brilliant ad really equal brand success? The answer is a sad and honest NO!  And whilst making great, disruptive, award-winning ads is important, what kind of feeble punch does it ultimately pack if the right market never casts eyes on it. Our point – although obvious, but somewhat overlooked – is that, if you’re not strategically placing the right message in front of the right target market, then you may as well be throwing money out the back door.  


That’s where effective media planning and buying dominates. And you need the “dominatrixes” of the advertising game to get you on the playing field. Truth is, advertising isn’t really what it used to be. There’s more competition, more consumers, more clutter and less impact. In many ways, it’s a revolutionary time with endless opportunities to be disruptive, inventive, tactical and dynamic… but in other ways it can be damn-right overwhelming and competitive.


Hence – Media planning and buying.


It’s the act of taking the strategy off of the proverbial page and putting it out into the big bad messy world. In this way, you could call a media buyer “The Executor” because they’re responsible for seeing the plan through. Have you ever seen footage of a stockbroker or trader on the floor – Wolf of Wall Street? It’s pandemonium! A rush of excitement! A thrill to watch, and notoriously stressful to live. While media buying isn’t quite literally that dramatic, it is all about negotiations. That plus relationships.


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