Media Buying

So your marketing team has come up with a winning campaign and you’re positive your potential buyers are going to love it, but advertising is much more than that you want the right people to see your brand and you want your brand to stick out from the competitor. You should team up with an agency that offers the best in media buying to save your business from a complex and tedious process, you could benefit greatly and save yourself time, money and frustration.

Media buying varies from “earned” or “owned” media. Media buying is acquiring advertising from a media company such as a TV station, a news publication, magazine, blog or website for the most advantageous spaces and timeslots.

most advantageous spaces and timeslots.

There are four main benefits to working with an agency such as Brand Cartel; that is reputable and has established relationships with media channels;

One-stop process: Have a single contact is easier to manage compared to dealing with a number of phone calls from outside vendors. Research, contracting, production, billing, and any post-buy analysis are attended to by us rather than you.

Cost-effective: With our existing expertise, relationships with media and buying power with vendors, your media budget will be spent as efficiently and intelligently as possible.

Expertise: We have established relationships with media vendors which can benefit your business by allowing a wider range of space for an ad to appear at affordable rates.

Time-Saving: If you took it upon yourself as the business to create a strategic media plan it could be a tedious exercise. By involving an agency you allow yourself the chance to focus on the significant areas of your business like sales.

You need a media planner who will implement action plans for advertising campaigns from pre-defined marketing objectives. They help you designate media platforms that will meet the requirements of your brief and your brand by liaising with clients and give you value for money with the media representative. Managing these relationships and getting media influence is what equips the media buyer on the negotiation table. A good relationship with the media representatives can help us to get better media deals, saving a lot of discounts and more value additions it can also sweeten the deal for sponsorship opportunities that have limited availability.

In a competitive industry, we make sure we’re in the know when it comes to media opportunities before our competitors. It becomes a challenge to jump onto key opportunities with the task of client approvals required at times.

Our mob has the knowledge and are experts in the media field and can help you choose the perfect assets for the right platforms at the best-suited schedule. We’ve got research skills to pinpoint the best advertising opportunities for your business and have an impressive track record of making the most of any budget to meet the objectives of your campaign.