Agency life is tough so the people running it need to be tougher.


The Brand Cartel’s ‘Mob Mother’, Renate Albrecht, is the head honcho of the media team at the agency. Experience and perseverance are her two most important ingredients mixed up with a plethora of sass, burning ambition and integrity. Having worked from the tender age of 16, Renate’s experience and knowledge stems back from her hustling days of working two jobs and studying (with amazing accolades) in her early years. Through this, she established herself as one of the leading ladies in the evolving media and PR landscape of South Africa. But enough about her amazing qualities; what can she offer you?


Need a headstart in the media industry or just some brutally honest advice? Renate has that for you.


With a no holds barred approach to her work, Renate says it like it is and if you don’t like what she says, then tough. The Brand Cartel not only delivers stellar results for their clients, but is also all about empowering the youth and giving them the tools and knowledge to conquer the world of media and PR.


Need some advice or just want to get some insights into the vibrant yet challenging world of media and PR. Hit us up. We have good coffee.