July 18, 2019

What is SEO?

Selecting a platform that best suits your needs. What is SEO? Nowadays, having a website for a business is non-negotiable. It’s a calling card for your services and a way for potential clients to find you online. That said, merely having a web presence isn’t good enough anymore; you need to ensure that your website has search engine optimisation (SEO) to stand out from the pack. What does SEO mean? SEO is about increasing the
The role of fake news and its impact on our day-to-day lives. Thanks to a certain US president, the term “fake news” is a popular term that has been jokingly thrown around social media with reference to his humorous antics in defence of his reputation. Online memes aside, however, fake news is a real issue that affects us within the context of our everyday lives. The result of sharing inaccurate stories about individuals and organisations
Selecting a platform that best suits your needs. The year is 2003, you are watching an episode of Arrested Development and the build-up of drama in a high tension scene means it’s time to take a break to show you targetless ads about insect repellant and juice concentrate. Not that the good old days didn’t have their charm but the mainstream use of traditional media like television or print to communicate a message about a
Amplifying brands through an event In a world where everything is digital, social media appeals to most brands as the preferred way of connecting with their target audience. However, anyone with high experience in PR strategy will tell you that a brand truly comes to life in a tangible way through the use of events. The media are sent a barrage of messages and information every day which tends to end up stagnant. Events have
The Importance of CI Manuals The purpose of corporate identity (CI) is to convey your brand’s motives, ideas, personality and objectives. It tells the market that you’re a business that means business with products or services that are here to stay. Consumer’s confidence in the quality and perceived stability of your brand are highly reliant on identifiable imagery and unique nuances that are specific to your business.   A company’s CI needs to be well
Capture this in your mind for a moment: You’ve asked your cousin, who happens to be a photography student, to help you frame the best moments of your best friend’s bachelorette party. The event was a huge success after weeks of planning and the bride-to-be cannot wait to see her pictures.   Sadly, your cost-effective camera solution has turned into a flashless fizzle. You have to be the one to deliver the news that your
Whether you’re a freelancer or run your own business, building yourself a website in this ever-evolving online world is a must-have. Without a core online presence, it limits your customer’s ability to dive deeper into your work, interact with your business or its products/services. There is a multitude of reasons to put effort into an online hub and we’re going to highlight a few of them below.   Cost-Effectiveness   First, let’s talk about money.
What Do You Meme? If you haven’t seen a clever captioned image of Kermit the Frog sipping tea, or an ironically shocked looking Pikachu, you’ve probably been living under a rock.   Memes, according to Digitaltrends.com, are defined as “a cultural shorthand that, like all forms of communication, evolves with those who use it”. If you’re ever confused about memes you’ve never seen before, that’s partially the point. Memes are so incredibly popular not only
After taking over Johannesburg and London, Brand Cartel is expanding its operations to Port Elizabeth. Much like any good mob squad, it’s all about the network and we’re continuing our aggressive expansion into new and unexplored territories. Since 2013, Brand Cartel has prided itself on being different from the rest, refusing to accept mediocrity and providing our clients with a no-BS and results-driven, through-the-line creative agency. Naturally, it’s time to increase our clientele and spread
Nail the pitch and flip your hair while you do   PR is all about the pitch. Think of it like this- You’re a salesman who needs to sell a product to the public that no one particularly needs. How do you convince them to buy it? PR pitching is pretty much the same thing.   As PR professionals we are constantly tasked with making the impossible possible for clients. We need to take something