Dillon Warren, Renate Albrecht and Marco Ferreira may not have dedicated the past six years of their lives to the Brand Cartel just to land a feature in the Entrepreneur magazine, but it does make an excellent Secret Santa present. The Founding Three cut an imposing portrait on page 35 of the November 2018 issue, as the article headline boldly proffers a lifeline to the young entrepreneur. When looking for a way to survive your
Despite how highly Brand Cartel holds the value of authenticity, the very nature of advertising and marketing is smoke and mirrors. It’s all about pulling off the appearance of effortless perfection – like the carefree tan that you slaved for day after day in the midday heat (“Oh, I must’ve caught the sun the other her day…”) or the offhand candid that took an emergency makeup and lighting team, two grappling hooks and some truly
Cruising has been seen as a ‘boring’ or ‘old person’ way of traveling, but we at The Brand Cartel completely disagree. Cruises International offers every choice under the sun, and on the open ocean, in terms of entertainment, luxury, pampering, activities and more that your imagination can think of. Whether it’s a luxury cruise you are yearning for or a fun family getaway; Cruises International has the package for you. We have 3 reasons why

September 26, 2018

Meet the Mob Mother

  Agency life is tough so the people running it need to be tougher.   The Brand Cartel’s ‘Mob Mother’, Renate Albrecht, is the head honcho of the media team at the agency. Experience and perseverance are her two most important ingredients mixed up with a plethora of sass, burning ambition and integrity. Having worked from the tender age of 16, Renate’s experience and knowledge stems back from her hustling days of working two jobs
Lorna Maseko in her petiteness and boisterous energy is more than your average face around town. The entrepreneur, celebrity chef, television host and socialite is certainly a face to remember. Her beauty and style are examples of aspirational goals for so many young women around the globe. She is the perfect choice for local and global brands to join partnerships with, taking it from a yawn-fest to a “Lorna YES!”. Lorna Maseko has taken over
Our Instagram feeds are one of the most important representations of who we are, let’s not deny it. Creating the perfect Instagram post without making it look like you’re ‘trying too hard’ is a lot easier than being a professional photographer, and yes, we consulted ours. Flatlays are in; simply search #flatlay on Instagram to witness the sheer aspirational beauty. From big brands, influencers and even the soccer mom down the road, we all want