The recipe behind the lens

“The best way to describe photography is like baking the perfect cake.”- Khieren Trent

Photography consists of and relies on a range of different factors that all influence one other in various ways, but when meshed together, they create something amazing.

Ingredients include:

Equipment – Aside from your camera’s main body, a clear, sharp lens is an imperative tool for any photographer’s arsenal. Picking the right lens typically takes research and time as you need to factor in focal length, lens speed, compatibility and budget.

Good lighting- This will determine the tone of your setting/scene. Always keep this in mind when you’re trying to evoke a certain emotion or feeling towards your picture.

Good subject- Needs to always relevant to what you are trying to achieve. E.g. You can’t use an amateur model to do a high fashion editorial shoot.

Stability – There are many kinds of tools and kits to stabilise your shots. Tripods are perhaps the most common tool to pack, keeping your camera balanced and stationery. Most modern tripods fold away very neatly and are a cool compact companion. Motorised gimbals are another (admittedly more expensive) option for stabilisation but are used for tracking moving shots on the go! Check out the Zhiyun Crane 2 to see more!

Hair, makeup and styling assistance – This is a whole other art form on its own but it’s necessary to keep in mind

Props – Fitting props might add to the mood/story, making the scene richer.

Location – Essentially the backbone of setting the scene. Pick a place with the appropriate imagery, vibrancy and contrast.

Editing – An image is not complete until it’s been edited – You’ll never photograph the perfect image without any editing. Skin must be smooth and lighting must be good. Uneven skin tones or any excess that causes unnecessary distractions should be removed from the image.