10 Jun 2019

Platform Priorities.

Selecting a platform that best suits your needs.

The year is 2003, you are watching an episode of Arrested Development and the build-up of drama in a high tension scene means it’s time to take a break to show you targetless ads about insect repellant and juice concentrate. Not that the good old days didn’t have their charm but the mainstream use of traditional media like television or print to communicate a message about a product made the average consumer feel like they were participating in one-way conversations.


Fast forward to the competitive world of online advertising, social media’s rise to dominance has been an organic one. What started as a platform for sharing funny videos, messaging friends and uploading group photos has become so much more. Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been the platforms from incredibly effective social change and versatile groups. People could connect with anyone all around the world. So if people could do it, why not companies? Pop-up ads, banners, cookies and a battle for shareable content has become the weapons of brand’s pitted against one another in an ever-changing competition for engagement and attention.


This leads us to the crux of this blog: If strategising a brand’s social media presence and content has essentially become a career path on its own, then where on earth do you start the complicated process of planning yours? One might be tempted to start posting content everywhere possible but choosing your social media platform(s) involves carefully assessing your brand’s goals and procuring quality content that portrays your business and it’s messages in the best light.


For example, Twitter has proven to be a powerhouse for short text and punchy lines e.g. new product announcements, tending conversation points and online competitions. Facebook, on the other hand, is great for long-form writing and expanded information on products, services, community engagement or galleries from events.


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