Our exceptional monthly ROIs speak for themselves.

The Brand Cartel believes that Public Relations is a crucial marketing tool that plays a hand in determining your Brand’s industry success. Have you noticed that only the leading authorities in industries make it to the press and the pages of print? Glossy magazines, online blogs, news publications and Instagram pages are some of the platforms where you need your products and service offerings to exist if your aim is to meet your brand’s marketing and sales objectives.


The Brand Cartel’s unconventional and illustrious PR team’s number one goal is to get you coverage and get people talking. We create talkability and interest through the mouths of the people in the tabloids and our exceptional monthly ROI’s speak for themselves.


Our Public Relations services include:

  • Press Releases Conceptualisation and Dissemination to Targeted Media
  • Issuing Media Drops
  • Filling Beauty Briefs
  • PR Strategy and Campaign Conceptualisation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Events Planning and Execution


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