Public Relations

A thriving PR campaign goes well beyond pitching and getting media coverage. There is a variety of intertwined elements which take place before, during and after a marketing campaign which help increase the chance for success.

So, you have your marketing strategy and budget, but there’s something missing? Could it be your Public Relations plan to help your business grow?

What your business needs are, activities that promote a positive image that foster goodwill or increase sales through the following:


  • Media relations and publicity — using media channels to sell your product or service through news articles, interviews and product reviews.
  • Special events — attending or hosting fairs, trade shows, conferences, parties tied to a business theme or relevant holiday, dedications and celebrity or influencer appearances.
  • Public interest and image building — when you’re a fast-growing company, allying yourself with local charities, sponsoring youth or taking other steps to communicate your commitment to community and social responsibility.

Let us talk about you why you would need a public relations campaign:


  • One of the main reasons we get into business is to increase your sales right? So by approaching a pool of potential buyers, you build on your visibility and grow your client base. PR helps your business stand out from your competitors. Your company’s name will be reinforced every time people read or hear its name and they’ll learn to identify it with something positive.
  • Credibility is another point;  when you position your brand as the authority in your field, you can attract attention from the media and serve as a quoted source in published articles. When giving interviews and being quoted directly, professional associations may ask you to give speeches or participate in panel discussions, to bolster up your credibility.
  • Create better customer relationships. You can do this by affiliating your PR campaign with your goal of attracting repeat business relationships, you build consumer confidence and trust. An example of this could be: profiling some of your best customers on your business’ website, you send a message that you value your clients.
  • Penetrating new markets, with PR you can get assistance in notifying potential customers when you enter a new market or launch a new product or service.

The things you need to consider when implementing a PR campaign:


In PR, time means both money and opportunity. So each of your strategies and activities should have a specific role in the campaign that ally back to one of your goals. Once a campaign is completed it’s smart to take a step back and review every strategy to measure its effectiveness in achieving your goals. You need to consider why your business is involved in a particular activity, what message do you want to communicate? Why are you developing a public relations campaign?

The same way you want your business standing out from your competitors you need to be backed by the best in the game, our agency holds valuable relationships with media houses and the right names to be associated with your brand. We’re like cupid when it comes to matching our brands with relevant media. You’ll see it with our packages.

In the past year alone, countless new strategies – from influencer marketing to social media advertising – have become prominent. Influencers can be part of a PR campaign and in a number of cases, it’s beneficial to make them a focal point in the marketing campaign. A challenge that brands have come across is deciding between conventional PR and the latest trend, influencer marketing. They may come across as very similar as they both entail promoting a brand through another source; they both require contacting outlets and making meaningful connections and they can both assist in growing your brand and its fan base because people relate better to people. When working with influencers you will have control over when, where and how your brand will be seen by communicating with specific influencers and ask them to promote the product in your suggested way. Once you’ve reached an agreement with them you have assurance that your product or service will be featured on their channels because you’re paying for the service.

The success of your PR campaign is dictated by expectations.

A PR campaign in most cases is pushing a product at the consumer through the right channels. It is seen as effective but it needs to converse and that’s where the influencer fits in. They create a conversation between themselves and the audience. The objective of influencer marketing is to stimulate a response with the intention of it spreading to the relevant consumer.

The success of your PR campaign is dictated by expectations. A vital but often ambiguous component is introspection, looking in the mirror and assessing where your brand fits into the larger landscape and what platform it would thrive in. Is it newsworthy and appealing to the consumer? Do you have a sufficient budget to meet your expectations? The answers to questions such as these will help you identify the gaps in opinion justification as well as align your expectations and what better way than to measure the success of your campaign with a boss PR team. We believe it’s important that the brand’s paid-for brand promise can be backed up by reputable influencers, trendy glossy magazines and relevant online platforms. There will however, be a strong focus on Influencer PR because consumers are motivated and inspired by Influencers.

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