Quick ways brands use celebrity marketing to make millions

Celebs and influencers are paid to post and create stories and reels about a brand’s products on their pages. It’s all about reach. Here’s why it works…

South African celebrities have hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of followers on their Instagram accounts, who have constant access to see and take part in what’s going on in their lives. With such impressive audiences, this is why brands have jumped on celebrity endorsements as a marketing tool. Here’s how brands can be successful with celebrity Instagram marketing. 

Pick the right fit
The chosen South African celebrity must align with your brand’s vision and ethos. The celebrity must magnify the message, rather than distract from it. Young audiences in particular are privy to marketing, so the product and celebrity need to be a good fit for the message to be believable. 

Use the power of video 
Static pictures don’t always convey your product in action, but video allows audiences to be taken through the process. Showing user experience induces a strong desire for others to get on the bandwagon and buy your products too.