Search Engine Marketing

We provide you with Internet Marketing that includes the promotion of a business’ website by increasing the visibility in Search Engine results pages like Google through pay-per-click advertising and driving qualified traffic to your page.

Search Engine Marketing is vital for your business because almost half of the digital marketing budgets are spent on search with 31% contributed to paid search and 18% on SEO. Search Engine Optimisation has long-term positive effects and Search Engine Marketing gives you an instant return on investment, which is why we combine them for long-lasting effects. With more than 5.8 Billion searches being done globally on Google, companies can’t afford to not market themselves on the biggest search engine in the world.

We at The Brand Cartel embrace SEO as a whole and not just on one single aspect of it. While On-Page SEO plays a huge role, Off-Page SEO cannot be ignored. Off-Page is a lot more time-consuming and genuinely pretty tough to get right. However, building links through content outreach, blogging and PR plays a vital role in getting websites to rank where you want them to. Our Copy & PR team have the ability to work hand-in-hand with the SEM specialists, making Off-Page SEO much simpler and giving the SEM specialists the time and space they need to focus on the On-Page SEO. It’s ingrained in all SEM specialists to read as much as possible, because of the nature of the digital marketing world. While SEM is its own department, to succeed we need to keep a finger on the pulse of all aspects of what it means to be truly digital.

Our Social Media Marketing services are cost-effective as they assist with targeting people at the best moments when they search for your business or service. The business would only pay when the consumer takes action by clicking on your ad or calling your company. Starting a Search Engine Marketing campaign requires a lot of time and expertise. We would recommend that Keyword Research comes first when a client needs a new AdWords campaign to appeal the consumer. We build a list together with the client based on a conversation knowing their product, service or industry.


Once the list is established, we place them in with the ad groups. We also include a keyword planner, targeting information to see when trends based on the product or service will spike so we can give a recommendation of when to promote the product or service. While it’s easy to understand campaign structure, keyword research and bidding strategies, our SEM specialists go a level deeper.

We want to get the best results for the lowest cost possible. Bridging the gap between quality score, maximum bids and expected CTR, we raise AdRank wherever we can. Google gives us to the tools to track campaign performance, and we use Tag Manager and Analytics to do just that. Without understanding how effective your PPC campaigns are, how can you ever attribute ROI to those campaigns? And once you understand the ROI of a campaign, you can allocate a budget to those campaigns that actually mean something and aren’t a number pulled out of thin air. Using Image and Responsive Google banner ads, we canvas as much of the Google Display Network as we possibly can to get brands out there and give them the exposure they need to meet marketing objectives.

We’ll create a campaign to make your business stand out. We’ll provide you with the necessary data to assess the efficiency of our campaign.