Why marketing packs are so important for shopping centre tenants.

The 2 benefits of a marketing pack from a creative agency.

A shopping centre is a single brand housing many brands, signalling a need for alignment without losing variation. A professional marketing pack is exactly the tool needed for bringing the tenants of a shopping centre together.

To achieve seamless cohesion, the Brand Cartel created a sleek and modern marketing pack for a shopping centre’s tenants. The marketing packs were successful in 2 concrete ways:

Tenants, new and old, were made to feel welcome and included. This instilled a better sense of loyalty and family.

Websites have to be mobile-friendly. Well over half of visitors (64,8% to be exact) accessed the sites on their cellphones, emphasising the need for digital media to adapt to mobile phone layouts.

For a corporate convenience shopping centre, a 90% drop in procedural errors was achieved and the tenants were made to feel a part of the family. A marketing pack from a creative agency is the ultimate tool in synergising a house of brands under one roof. Chat to the Brand Cartel about compiling an attractive and effective marketing pack for you and your tenants.