13 Feb 2019

Social Media Marketing

Content is king. A Plan is its Loyal Knight.

How much goes into a successful social media marketing plan?


Let’s just say a SH*t load. You have to be consistent. Concise. Clever. And it all starts with content. It undoubtedly still wears the crown in the digital world. It reigns and rules with an iron fist. And we applaud and celebrate our thought-leaders and trailblazing content creators who dive into the dark of night to find those little golden nuggets called human insights.


These insights are the guiding force that allow us to truly engage with our social market and give them what they really want. REAL storytelling. REAL information. REAL connection. It helps us to still the noise  that deafens the consumer’s ability to make decisions and acts as a gatekeeper to the influx of constant, unstoppable clutter on social media.


And whilst content is king – a solid, sound, social marketing strategy is it’s significant, loyal compadre. You don’t go into the battle of digital marketing unprepared. There’s no such thing as “winging it for the win”, you need to know what you doing. Fake it until you make it – is DEAD!

So what’s the plan? First of all, you need to figure out what your brand wants out of social media at a large. Maybe it’s more social-savvy customers, more sales or a larger share of voice in your industry.


Either way, remember that social media planning is a marathon, not a sprint. Shooting for a million new instagram followers in 2019 is unrealistic and unattainable. By tackling smaller, realistic goals, you can scale your social efforts in a way that’s reasonable and affordable.

At Brand Cartel, we start with the bigger picture. And with experience in hand, consumer in mind and killer content at heart, we paint the end goal by developing a powerful social media strategy that doesn’t just win LIKES…. but LASTS!  


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