Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing makes reference to the process of gaining traffic or brand awareness through social media websites. Social media itself is a generic term for sites that may provide wide-ranging different social actions. A perfect illustration for instance; Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or updating others on their news feed. Facebook, in contrast, is a fully fledged social networking site that allows for users to share status updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.

We as marketers have to continuously ask important questions when it comes to social media marketing strategies – what are we doing that works for our brand and how can we improve our approach? What can we incorporate into our brand strategy to boost engagement? What are the most recent unconventional trends that we can implement?

Companies in the present day have utilised social media and content marketing as powerful tools to gain a much wider and more engaged audience with real-time responses. With the latest in technologies and apps, social media is now immersed in almost everyone’s daily life, whatever your lifestyle.

Being a through the line Digital Marketing Agency our goal at The Brand Cartel is to grow our clients, through reach, interactions, engagement and most importantly ROI (return on investment) in order for us to do this we make sure we devote a vast majority of our time to research, not only that of our client but the market in which they reside. We make it our purpose to find new innovative and on-trend ways to make our clients voice stand out from the crowd. From our humble beginnings, Social Media has always been the backbone of who we are as a marketing agency. We take pride in our work making it an extensive process, from research to conceptual to crafting the work that makes it out on our client’s social media platforms, we make sure that each content calendar is a true representation of our clients. This can be seen in the language choices and image design we create, making sure each client showcases their personality, keeping their fan base up to date and abreast with the latest news and events, in turn, keeping our client top of mind to their fans. We offer consistent, insightful and educational content calendars, making sure there is movement and engagement happening on our clients’ social media platforms. We go further to find ways to make our client thought leaders in their communities aiding in building trust in an otherwise #FakeNews environment. We offer dedicated Community and Platform Management ensuring that no fan goes unheard or is left feeling neglected. We challenge ourselves in the art of creating conversation; as we know how alienating talking to a screen or cell phone can be; we go out of our way to bridge that gap by putting a personal touch in all we do.

In the past, we’ve seen some memorable changes from the social media pioneers like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and some newbies like LinkedIn and Snapchat. With an increase of even more companies following suit, these platforms are constantly looking for ways to advance.

With all these new technological advancements going mainstream, social media platforms will be expected to get another face lift making the following year even more exciting for us as marketers. Effective content marketers know how to create content that builds a bridge between their business’ goals and their customers’ and prospects’ needs and desires. Invest in creating social content that does that, and you can still shine in organic social.

Almost everyone is glued to their smartphones to access popular apps and check social media. Let’s look at some numbers for the use of apps on smartphones as opposed to desktops:  

Facebook: 94% of monthly active users

Twitter: 82% of monthly active users

LinkedIn: 60% of unique visitors

Pinterest: 80% traffic from mobile users

Instagram & Snapchat: Majority, no stats needed

So this clearly means that Mobile optimisation is a must. Every type of content must be just as effective on mobile devices.

Social media & content marketing trends keep unfolding with contrasting features we may have never seen before. So will you be growing with the experts for your Social Media Marketing campaign or getting left behind?

The future of social media marketing can be seen in trends starting already in 2018. With user-generated content at a rise, influencer marketing is changing too, though there have been good & bad sides to it as some brands use most of their budget and go out of their way to use this as their source of promotion. Micro-influencer marketing which is different has demonstrated to be more effective. So using lesser known influencers to promote your brand or products makes reaching out to influencers slightly easier and won’t exhaust your budget, while helping your business promote your products/services in a more cost-effective way. It’s the quality of content and reviews that matter more. Visual content that is capturing can help your brand, the focus is on aesthetics. The visuals used must resonate with the user, clients and potential leads. Therefore it is vital to implement a visual strategy which may prove to pay off for your brand. Another big trend for 2018 is live content; live stories on Facebook & Instagram have gained driving power. It brings users closer to the brand with an almost face-to-face interaction. The challenge lies in coming up with fresh content to give users something worthy through using the platform. Generation Z is becoming more valuable to marketers because their buying power is on the rise. They are the new wave of the workforce so we would suggest that a lot of thought and research goes into targeting this market. The research can help answer questions about where your business’ target audience hangs out, to know which platforms to invest in.

One of the challenges marketers face when it comes to Social Media Marketing is; understanding which platforms work best for the client’s business. We all want to have a share of the pie as marketers even among social media mediums, the hunt of which platforms have a greater share of influence is a contest with great unpredictability. One example is when Twitter failed to grow their numbers substantially in 2017 even though it closed the year with a steady & positive revenue, it’s growth rate in terms of the number of users has slowed down in comparison to their rivals. There is also added pressure on marketers to prove the effectiveness of the marketing strategies as well as demonstrate a positive impact on future investments. Marketers constantly need to reassess the impact their efforts have on the general objectives of the business versus a focus on monetary investments to bring the marketing campaigns full-circle. Something that is also very unfortunate for us as marketers is how organic search and referral traffic is quickly decreasing. The outcome of a fall in organic reach on Facebook was the changes in the algorithm that prioritises posts from friends and family. Instagram and Twitter comparably made changes to affect organic search.