Nail the pitch and flip your hair while you do

PR is all about the pitch. Think of it like this- You’re a salesman who needs to sell a product to the public that no one particularly needs. How do you convince them to buy it? PR pitching is pretty much the same thing.

As PR professionals we are constantly tasked with making the impossible possible for clients. We need to take something that we believe in and make the media believe in it as much as we do for their readers to buy into it.

Tailor-make each pitch for the specific media you are submitting to. Depending on the audience you need to speak to, refine that pitch so much that you are essentially spoon-feeding them to use the information. With a fancy sparkling spoon. P.S. Dress for the occasion- always.

Gone are the days of sending out a press release with the spray and pray method. The media are bombarded with 100’s of press releases a week so tailoring your messaging makes the release for each media piece you are sending arrive with something that sets it apart. It may take a bit more time, but your client’s ROI will grow quickly if you take the time and effort and understand to each media’s target audience before you pitch.