The future is video marketing

Testament to the power of video as a marketing tool are the 1.9 billion people visiting YouTube every month…


Video marketing is an effective way for brands to form meaningful connections with their audiences – the stats prove it. Pages with videos are 53 times more likely to rank on Google, and 80% of all online searches are followed by a video search. 


If your brand wants to increase rankings and visibility, having a video on your page will increase relevance.  


To attract people to your brand’s site:

  • Create a loyal brand following. 
  • Delight and engage people with creative video content. 
  • Develop a relationship built on trust. 
  • Make your brand one that audiences count on daily for their needs. 


Quality video content allows a brand to get their message across to audiences in an engaging way. Today’s audiences are privy to marketing campaigns, and require cleverer, more effective messages than ever before. They want to know who your brand is, and what you do in an intimate way. An example of this is producing video content showcasing behind-the-scenes tours of your facilities, products in the making, and people behind the brand. This type of video content wins over new customers time and again!


Does your brand need help creating authentic video marketing? Brand Cartel will amplify your marketing campaign with quality video production that viewers will remember. Get in touch today!