It is human nature to want to succeed in life, whether it be academically, in a professional manner or on a personal level. My ambitions move beyond simply wanting to succeed in the workplace though. I would like to progress not only in my professional capacity but to become a well rounded human being every day (hopefully not on the waistline though.)


The Brand Cartel gives me the freedom to grow, not only as a designer but as a human. I have always been a relatively shy person. I only really come out of my shell when I’m around people I genuinely trust, and the Brand Cartel is most definitely not short of people I trust.


I decided to pursue a career in graphic design because I wanted to leave my mark on the big wide world, whether it be a logo or a social media post. One of the most encouraging aspects of working at The Brand Cartel is the open book approach to projects, the ability to bounce ideas off of other people and the ability to take a concept right through to a finished product.


The things I’m proudest of.

You very seldom hear about people enjoying their work, in our profession we play, we bring life to images and give brands personalities. It also helps that we have some awesome conceptual minds floating around. It becomes especially fun when we can play with relevant news in society. Some of my proudest moments include creating artworks for: