What is TikTok and should you know about it? The new player in digital media marketing.

2 ways in which TikTok can grow your media marketing

Originating as ‘Douyin’ in China and merging with Musical.ly, TikTok is dominating the teenage digital space. With close to half a billion current users, of which a dominant proportion are under 24, TikTok is a goldmine for digital media marketing that targets younger audiences.

There are 3 ways to market on TikTok: to have your own channel, to work with influencers and to pay for ads. Here are 2 key insights into TikTok for any brand wanting to market there:

TikTok thrives on user-generated content
As with memes, there is humour and virality in Gen Z’s signature DIY content. Plus, it’s cheap!

Hashtag challenges are golden tickets (if done right)
TikTok utilises the younger generation’s craving for non-passive entertainment and a sense of community, popularly found in hashtag challenges.

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