What a ‘Finsta’ (Fake Instagram) tells us about social media marketing.

2 social media marketing secrets revealed thanks to finstas (and rinstas)

Aside from being a small locality in Sweden with 244 inhabitants, ‘finsta’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘fake’ and ‘instagram’ – the side account for pictures that would never be deemed ‘insta-worthy’ (yet still need to be seen).

It’s no longer a startling revelation that Instagram is a photoshopped version of reality. Gen Z is in fact acutely aware of social media’s impossible standards.

In a bid to return to the original purpose of Instagram – to share moments – Gen Z are creating secondary profiles open only to their closest friends and often under pseudo names. This is where they post without process; without running it past their whatsapp group and collectively curating a caption. Funny, unfiltered, non-posed photographs.

With private, pseudo accounts comes insight into the minds of the younger generation. Notably, a Finsta avoids the risk of future employers finding unfiltered content and linking it to a job candidate. Gen Z are clearly more aware of the dangers of social media than the world gives them credit for.
Finstas tell us 2 things about social media marketing:

Internet users are yearning for authenticity. In a world of digital shadows, it is more and more difficult to establish truth from fake news.

Filters aren’t a necessity. As with memes, there is humour and connection in amateur content. A brand does not need high production video quality to get a message across.

What’s most ironic is that the fake instagram is more real than the ‘real’ instagram, a.k.a. the ‘rinsta’. Gen Z’s finstas are a rebellion against the inescapable reality of social media, which has become less authentic and more staged.

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