Why brands should use celebrities for endorsements

For successful marketing campaigns, brands need to get on board with the power of the South African celebrity. Here’s why audiences love our local talent.


Celebrity endorsements sell products. It’s that simple. Why? They attach the fame of the celebrity to the brand or products. And, people love celebrities, so when audiences see celebrities promoting new products, they’re prompted to buy them. Celebrity endorsements are a strong tool to magnify the effect of a marketing campaign


South African celebrity marketing is a valuable business lever to pull for this very reason. And with the rise of local celebs like Lorna Maseko, Lasizwe Dambuza, Amanda du-Pont and Simoné Pretorius, brands need to waltz down the red carpet (quickly) to get in on premium local names to promote their products. 


Celebrities inspire consumer confidence. Research shows that we’re exposed to, on average, over 3000 advertisements a day, across all media. It’s an audiovisual onslaught, and one we’re privy to. It’s much more attention grabbing than standard advertising when brands use celebrities, who audiences feel positive towards, to market their products. 


For celebrity endorsements to make an impact, they have to be targeted accurately to a similar audience that the celeb already has. Using celebrities, sports players or musicians to promote products their audience has little interest in won’t create a massive marketing splash brands are after. Also, many South African celebs are insistent on having a cultural and values fit with the products they endorse


Wondering how to set your marketing strategy in motion? Brand Cartel has premium celebrities to endorse your products, so get in touch with us today, and see your campaign soar!